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It was well past her bedtime.

She came into my room while I was readying wardrobes for the the next day.

When I heard her footsteps and her, “Mommy?”

I jolted out with a quick, “Honey, you should really be aslee……”

But before I could finish, she pushed her words out fast….

“Mommy, I wrote a song.”

She held her notebook scribbled with lead, and stood in that nightgown that has grown a bit too short, and she filled the room with her music….


How I love Christmas

To us a child is given

And a son is born

It makes my heart sing

I just love Christmas

I love to be with my family

She sang it soft and sweet, and she was very serious, and she laid it all out before me, and she looked up, and leaned in, and fell right into my hug.

Oh, this child.

The middle kid and only female. She has the strongest will of anyone I know, and she really feels things, and she demonstrates every emotion, and that very day she had worn me down and melted us all a bit.

Then this.

I must trust that if God has given her ears to hear Him, He can give me the wits and know-how on handling the rest of her.

Lord, yes.

I had her sing it for me again. And I nodded at the truth of it.

I scooted her back to her bed, where she finally found rest.

Sleep after hearing from the Spirit is the sweetest.

I ran my bath water and found myself humming the same tune she had. And it blessed me.

If we all just sang the song we have been given to sing – there would be lots of blessing going around.

Let’s all stay in our lanes this week. Let’s all dream and function well on the path He’s placed us on. Let’s do our thing, and let other people do theirs, and let’s all feel esteemed and sturdy in our own fine identities.


Really enjoy your week, friends – knowing that you are wildly loved by a God who is good.

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  1. Patty

    So beautiful, Katie! Through your writing I can just see and hear our little princess debuting her song for you. What a precious moment! Thanks for taking the time to actually listen to each of their hearts and hearing what they have to share. You’re amazing!

  2. Jan Thompson

    Best one yet !!! This writing is felt deeply by me. Thank you my lovely Granddaughter. ❤

  3. Patty

    …and our young one is exhibiting great talent! Well done!! Please tell her I love the words to her song!! Sending my love to all!! ?

  4. Mary

    If we all sang the song we’ve been given to sing….such wisdom in those words

  5. Lacy Thompson

    Our Sweet Angel girl! I know I join with Grandma Patty and Mawmaw Jan in looking forward to hearing her sing her song to us in person!! Pretty proud of my own “little girl” too!!!

  6. Kate

    Thanks Mom! That makes me feel so good! Love you!

  7. Kate

    Big hugs to you!!! Merry Christmas! Thanks for reading!

  8. Kate

    I’m so grateful for you Patty!!! Love you lots!

  9. Kate

    I’m so grateful for your readership and your prayers and your encouragement! Love you!

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