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I’m just gonna lay it on ya straight here….

I didn’t want to start this way.

As I got out of the shower last night I casually prayed that Jesus would show me what it was He wanted me to write about today.

He did. I said no. And then I argued.

“Write about three things you love about Me”, I sensed Him say.

“Seriously? That can’t be right. I heard wrong. That will exclude people who don’t know You. That feels religious and sounds boring. I can’t start the series off with that. Nope.”

But as I readied for bed, and pulled the covers back, and crawled between our sheets I felt not only a pull, but a peace – that yes, this is what I was to write about, and that I actually found myself not wanting to write about anything else now.

I’m learning that assignments that come straight from Him, that couldn’t be conjured up on our own, that feel risky – often times end up being the best.

So shall we begin now? Lord, please do bless it.

Three Things I Love about Jesus

  1. He only speaks to people in their true identities.

The preacher touched on this in his sermon last Sunday (you can listen to it yourself mid-week) but I’m gonna kick it around here also, because it’s far too important to skip. He called Gideon “Mighty Man of Valor” when he was weak and hiding. He called the bleeding outcast “Daughter” as she reached out for healing. He called the paralytic “Son” as He forgave and healed him. He called Simon Peter “the rock”, when prophesying over him. As I prayed to know what it is He calls me, He showed me a picture in my mind with the word “Nurturer” written on my forehead, when I felt like nothing but a failure. He only sees you how He made you. Not what your past says about you, or what your experiences say about you, or what your ailments say about you, or what others say about you, or anything else. He sees you the way He made you, and that is some big-time grace. He won’t acknowledge what is false, only what is true. This sends me.

2.   He loves the doubters.

Thomas was honest. He wasn’t going to act like he believed in something he didn’t. He voiced his skepticism and was authentic in sharing his sincere feelings. Jesus loves this. Healing and freedom always show up when we offer what we perceive to be true. Instead of being angry at Thomas for doubting His resurrection, Jesus goes to Thomas personally and allows Thomas to see and touch His wounds. Jesus knew that this was what Thomas needed to believe, and Jesus met him right there, doing and saying exactly what Thomas needed Him to do and say. ( John 20) Likewise, when Nathaniel doubted the deity of Jesus in John 1, Jesus didn’t chastise Nate for being skeptical. He actually compliments him for his honesty! Jesus greets Him this way: “Behold, an Israelite indeed, in whom there is no deceit!” He does the same with us and I.am.thankful.

3.   He doesn’t just heal people, He wants them to then function as if they are healed.

Luke 4 tells us that Jesus healed Simon’s mother-in-law and that she immediately got up and began to serve them. When Jesus healed the man at the pool he told him to get up and walk. ( John 5.) When Jesus raised the young girl from the dead he told her to rise, walk, and eat. (Mark 5.) See? Not just healed – but living and acting like it. Immediately. Yes! He has set us free from so much! May we live like it’s true!

Ah, isn’t He good? I pray it’s HIM you see in these words tonight. Faith arise!

I’ll catch ya tomorrow kids, and I’m happy about it! Blessings to each of you!

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  1. Jamie Hanning

    I love God’s confirmation! He gave me the scripture of the woman with issue of blood on one day, Gideon on another day, and now He is speaking through you! Yes, God is speaking and I am listening! I am so thankful of His love and grace. Thank you Katie for obeying our Lord!!

  2. Libby

    I just left Tuesday night prayer and my true identity was one of the things we prayed about. It was great to read this… it’s like God listened to us. ???? lol
    Thank you for leading with this. God bless you lady!!!

  3. Jaime Steffey

    Thanks for sharing your wrestling. Despite all of these wonderful things I too love about Him, I’m in a season of questioning if and why he is nudging me into things that are not in any way related to where my comfort is but learning more and more about walking in what He calls me!

    So excited to see what is to come this month from Him but through your talent with words!

  4. Kate

    “It’s like God is listening to us!” YEEES! He’s so in it all! So good! 🙂

  5. Kate

    Lovely!!! Thank you for reading, Jamie!! 🙂

  6. Kate

    Oh Lord, confirm things for Jaime, encourage her, help her to see you working and speaking and moving ALL OVER THE PLACE! Yes and amen!

  7. Jessie Rowland

    Risky things for a great, loving Father are always the most rewarding! Thankful for His sovereignty, goodness, and grace.

  8. Kate

    I am thankful for those things too! YES!! 🙂

  9. Sherrie Duck

    This is a Perfect word for me… thank you Jesus for giving this word to sweet Katie to write

    He only sees you how He made you. Not what your past says about you, or what your experiences say about you, or what your ailments say about you, or what others say about you, or anything else. He sees you the way He made you, and that is some big-time grace. He won’t acknowledge what is false, only what is true.

    Thank you Katie for being an obedient servant,
    With an open mind and heart to share his word!

  10. Patty

    I was struck by the picture of three trees! There is so much symbolism and significance of trees in the Bible. And I LOVE the “three things” you listed! I certainly identify. I love that I am known by Him; that He welcomes my doubts/questions, and invites me to seek; that He gives me beauty for ashes… sets free, redeems, brings hope.
    Great words, Katie!! Thank you!

  11. Lacey A Thompson

    I hope you do three more things you love about him soon! Really enjoyed the first three! They were “calming” for me and you know Mama needs to be calmed down sometimes:) Lol!
    I am all Grins looking forward to the rest of the months postings!
    Love, Mama

  12. Kate

    Hi Sherrie! I hope you are doing so well! I”m so glad the post was just right for ya! I pray the rest of them bless you too! 🙂

  13. Kate

    Hi Patty! Yes, I love the significance of trees in scripture too – and all the symbolism! Thanks for reading Patty! Love you!

  14. Kate

    Mama! Thank you! It makes me happy knowing that you are reading! Your encouragements mean a lot to me. Love you 🙂

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