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I have a piece posted over at EverydayLCC today. Just thought I would share it here, too. The post had to be in 365 words or less. I think I turned it in at 364? 🙂 My prayer is that you have a revelation-filled week, friends. Blessings to you!

I am Thomas and He comes to me.
It’s true. I’ve struggled with faith. I’ve wrestled with doubt. And I’ve tasted the bitterness of unbelief. I have had seasons where I’ve all but walked away from the Lord over it.
But every time I think that my faith is done for and that belief and trust are nowhere to be found….
He reveals Himself.
And He reveals Himself over and over and over again.
Just last week – I was grappling with some faith issues and so I decided to go for a run, listen to some worship music, and pray. With each jolt of the pavement – I prayed earnestly for Him to unveil my eyes so that I could see Him in certain areas again. I asked desperately for the Lord to stir my faith and make it flourish.
The next morning – during my quiet time – I had remembered a poem title that kept being brought to my attention several weeks prior. I decided to finally look it up and see if it was something God was bringing to my attention for a reason.

“The Hound of Heaven”by Francis Thompson was the poem. While I’m still dissecting this difficult piece….the main gist of the poem is that no matter how hard we run away from the Lord – He is chasing us.…like a hound dog after a hare. I was shocked by the subject of the poem – in light of the struggles and prayers I had dealt out the day before. It spoke to my situation so clearly! 
But… Christ is a confirmer. He will reiterate things to us that He really wants us to know. And what happened later on that day – was Him doing just that! I sat down to read a favorite blog while the littlest Harden was napping – and the blog postwas about Jesus being ‘The Hound of Heaven’….the One who pursues us! The blog author even linked the very same poem to her post.
He comes to me! Like He did for Thomas (John 20:24-27). Like He did for the sinner in the poem.

And He’ll do the same for you.

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