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I’m here on hump day, feeling grateful that I get to fill this white space with words again.

I don’t have long, it seems like I never do these days, but any amount of time to do the thing that fills me is a gift.

As usual I’m seated outside as I spill with you, watching a cardinal contemplate our hanging feeder from the fence.

He is wise to wonder if the flight is worth it, since our feeder food is scarce.

We should all be wary of things and activities that might not be worth our energies. May we choose wisely those things that will grow and sustain us.

The ground here is wet, matching the humid air.

Booms of rain and weather descended on our area this week, giving the parched earth in these parts a very needed swig.

I can almost feel the relief of all the living things that really, really just needed a drink. What’s saturated is singing. 

As I look out on my day, I don’t feel down.

My ten years as a stay-at-home-mom working and reeling inside the same walls every hour have taught me that joy and contentment are sometimes things that you have to fight and petition for.

Enter into the war on this. Allow others to storm it for you, too. The condition of your home and the hearts that reside therein depend on it.

My oldest just pulled me from my seat to glimpse a piece of heaven.

He took me out front, told me to peer through two houses, and look up.

There in the distance, high up in the stratosphere, was a patchwork of clouds that looked like they belonged in the background of a Bob Ross painting. They had his happy all over them.

My boy said he thought of an angel when he saw them. Truly majestic, they reminded us of the Maker that we can’t always sense or see. 

A blanket of gold just fell across the backyard here.

No matter how tired or worn I may feel in the early hours, this first dose of sun always takes me in and gets me going.

The youngest is loudly making himself known on the other side of the porch brick.

Only a few lines here today, knowing I need more moments to weave, I trust I’ll be able to return by week’s end.

I just went in to turn on the oven for the pre warm, which means I’m off and running.



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  1. Beth Tatman

    Thank you for the reminder. Sometimes we think more is better. I love when you bless us with your words!

  2. Kate

    So kind! Thank you for the encouragement! So glad you stopped by! ENJOY your day! – Kate 🙂

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