Where I Am

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Why, yes. It's been a minute since I've sat with you here. I've been saying quite a bit over on the Insta, instead. I am flummoxed as to how I…

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It's later in the evening than I'd like for it to be. Putting words together this far into the night and this close to the next day isn't ideal. Words…

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He got my number off of a list in the library. The school used our home phone digits as our ID's back then, and someone had left the list out.…

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What I Like

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The colors of spring in these parts make up for the dreariness of the winter months, and I'm grateful. I'm looking out on a happy mix of neighborhood trees. Pinks,…

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Snow Days

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I'm looking out on a stark white yard, a hunched magnolia, and flakes falling in a sweet kind of rhythm. I like the silence of the snow. It builds up…

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Twelve years ago today I labored long and wondered what I'd done to myself. Walking into the hospital with freckles and pig tails and an over due boy baby I…

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The Remembering

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A few weeks back, standing in the kitchen after an unravel, the youngest walked up from behind me without my knowing it. Sensing my overwhelm, in his best kindergarten lisp…

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Something New

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There are flowers bigger than my face clinging to a hill just outside our home. They're maroon and pink and yellow and fabulous. They sit pretty between the fence and…

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The Night Before

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I do love a good birthday. It's the eve of my entrance into the world and I'm giddy like a child. Every time I look up from some menial, ordinary…

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