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There’s a cluster of fire carnations on my table…gold and crimson in a recycled glass jar all bunched together, lighting my life up.

The budget doesn’t always allow a stop at the flower counter, but when I passed by this miniature variety at the grocery store, they had a fierceness that I felt like I needed.

So now here they sit, in all their brilliance, reminding me to be brave.

They are a bright yellow on the inside, pure, soft, encouraging.

But they ignite along the edges. A strong, fine red lines the fray. And they give off this intensity that sends me.

We women, we should want to be easy, moldable, movable at our centers. We should want to have a heart that feels, and nurtures, and gives off glory to the ones we pull close – but at the same time…

We should embrace what’s along our edges. 

Maybe it’s hard experiences that put some wild, beautiful color along our margins. Maybe it’s deep-seeded hopes we hold that trim us with a strong, vibrant hue. Maybe He made us with a bit of a kind viciousness, a good and righteous grit, that forms this deep tint on our outskirts.

I like it.

In you and in me.

We can be loving, accepting, graceful…

While still being tough, able, and resilient.

It’s good. And it makes us meet all kinds of people and occasions with rapt energy and effectiveness.

I hope your Thursday reminds you that you have been made with a high purpose, no matter how low the serving may seem today. It’s all gold in the eyes of a God who knows and sees you completely.




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