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The lilies my husband bought me are filling up our home with flower fragrance.

I told my oldest that if we could have them on the table all the time, scented candles wouldn’t be necessary; my beeswax would do just fine. Lilies have this pure, healing scent that sends me upward.

I’m certain that Heaven smells of the things that grow in gardens.

With it all starting in a garden, with Jesus praying in a garden, with Him rising in a garden – it just has too.

If you get a chance, while the buds are blooming here in spring, stop to sniff the sprays and blossoms the ground is offering. You’ll snatch Heaven for a moment.

It’s wild what a difference those blooms have made in my week here. Just three simple stems, with ten or so flowers attached – they have brought us much delight. The simple things can often times be the sweetest.

Lots of life has happened around those lilies. They have been here for four days, and they have witnessed countless school lessons, reprimands, dinners, baby coos, conversations, and the bustle that our everyday holds.

And there they sit, nourished by water in a clear glass vase, opening up and sprawling out, and giving off the divine – making us all more merry.

And it makes me think of Mamas. 

We can have our own thing, work, travel, lead things, bear things, and have purposes outside of family and abode. Certainly. But so much of what we do involves an opening up, a sprawling out, and a giving off.

Sometimes, it can feel like all we are doing is sitting in a vase while everyone else is out in the real world thriving.


But right now, in this brief season of having young ones, while it may be mixed with other ventures and outside doings – our purpose really…

Is to stay connected to the Life Source, stand tall in ideas and convictions, and give off all the glorious things we’ve been graced to emit…

So that our people can be urged on, encouraged, and emboldened by it.

A Mama might feel like she is stuck in a container on the table while everyone else is spinning fine and free elsewhere.

I do.

A lot.

But many times, when I’m feeling like a person who is simply in a holding pattern, I really do feel the gentle nudge and inkling of a good Father – saying just wait. There’s more to you. I have some soaring for your soul as well. But for now, don’t miss the moment I’ve given you to grow, and bolster, and brighten the ones in your care. Your purpose in this season is paramount. It’s somewhat of a sacrifice, a bending, a bowing – but I see it. And I’m pleased. But know, there is more.

And I know that He is right. That there is a laying down of self when you live life like the table lily. It can be a low, quiet role. But it grows me as I grow them, and I’m grateful.

And hopeful.

You should be too.

I have breakfast to make, a precious baby to prepare for, and some cleaning to tackle before the hustle of Thursday really begins.

And in all that, I’m believing that joy can be found, that grace rains, and that a sweet, fine fragrance is being sent.


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  1. Judy

    Wow. Loved this post.

  2. Kate

    Thank you Judy! You’re such a faithful friend. Love you so! 🙂

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