Where I Am

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Why, yes. It's been a minute since I've sat with you here. I've been saying quite a bit over on the Insta, instead. I am flummoxed as to how I…

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What I Like

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The colors of spring in these parts make up for the dreariness of the winter months, and I'm grateful. I'm looking out on a happy mix of neighborhood trees. Pinks,…

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Something New

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There are flowers bigger than my face clinging to a hill just outside our home. They're maroon and pink and yellow and fabulous. They sit pretty between the fence and…

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Our Edges

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There's a cluster of fire carnations on my table...gold and crimson in a recycled glass jar all bunched together, lighting my life up. The budget doesn't always allow a stop…

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The lilies my husband bought me are filling up our home with flower fragrance. I told my oldest that if we could have them on the table all the time,…

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