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There are flowers bigger than my face clinging to a hill just outside our home.

They’re maroon and pink and yellow and fabulous.

They sit pretty between the fence and the driveway, reminding us that life can be beautiful.

I’ve learned that one of the best things about moving in spring is having the surprise of previously planted flowers. Most times, perennials go unseen until they pop in due season. So stumbling upon living, thriving plants that were lying hidden when the home was purchased is a real treat. It’s happened in every home we’ve ever lived in, and it always makes me want to hug the previous owners for leaving behind something lovely.

I’m sitting outside today, watching the sun kiss our rain-drenched ground. Green is the word around these parts, thanks to all the water that’s been falling. We’re also watching trees dance happy and free, finally able to shake their moisture and sound leafy again.

I’m kind of doing that too, I suppose.

I’m feeling somewhat settled these days. It took me longer than I envisioned, but I’d say I’m sturdy now, with my feet underneath me, and my home mostly unpacked, and my kids involved in things. I’m thankful.

As I turn my sights away from giant transition, I feel like I can engage in a few of the things I’ve loved but left for a while. Uprooting your family is a full time endeavor, so many of the roles I used to pursue were abandoned for a bit. Rightfully so.

But I’m feeling antsy to cut loose and be Kate again today, so….

I’m beginning a new writing regimen in July.

I’ll be posting twice a week, God and agenda willing. I prayed to know what, how often, and when I should write here – so here’s the plan…

I felt strongly that we should take a peek at Colossians on Mondays. There are four chapters, for four weeks. I’ll pull out something that popped out at me while studying, and I’ll post about it here. I’m going to open up comments again so that we can discuss if that’s your thing. Feel free to just pop in and absorb though. No need to muster up a comment if you don’t want to.

And on Thursdays, I’ll be posting something random. It will be a free for all. Anything is possible. Nature, womanhood, marriage, parenting, art, books, ministry, kids, wisdom I’ve happened upon…whatever is resonating that day.

It feels good to be back in the game, kids.

However, if you’re of the mind, I would still love your prayers. I covet them as we dig down deep and plant solid roots in this new place. You’re petitions are never wasted on us. Know that.

I sincerely look forward to scrawling thoughts here again. I’m always asking God to infuse it with the goodness that only He can provide. I trust that He will surpass even our wildest and richest expectations.

Back soon, friends. Can’t wait. Hugs all around.