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I’ve got one sound word for your one wondrous weekend, kids:

Be still and know.

It’s from Psalm 46 and when I saw it on a t-shirt today in a tiny boutique my heart said yes. To the shirt AND the saying.

It just fits all the way around. It fits my current station, and my current state, and my heart’s strong desire these days to:

see the thing through

stand my ground

armor up

and watch God work.

It’s a keen thing He’s called us to, the husband and I. Ministering to people, megaphoning the good news to mankind, leading folks to the face and feet of a Creator who lavishly loves them, providing space for people to know God and therefore finally know themselves – it’s a grand venture, and a high mandate, and a serious assignment, I’d say.

You’ve got one too, though. No less impactful or important.

It may look similar to ours, or it may have a totally different beat to it – but walking in our true identities on the path and in the lane we’re called to – is fantastic.

That doesn’t mean our walk is always a rosy one, or that fear doesn’t crouch and creep, or that their isn’t a pushback from the opposition. All those things are real and reeling.

But it does mean we can always BE STILL AND KNOW that He is God, in the midst of it.

Go now, and walk out your weekend and your calling in the truth of that line. Stop the mad scramble, and the fist fight, and the worry filled chaos.

Just be still and know.

I’m standing ground and remembering who He is right along with you. Linking arms in that feels good, yes?

I plan to catch you on Monday with “3 Things”.

Rest, and wholeness, and peace, and victory to you all.


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