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It’s later in the evening than I’d like for it to be.

Putting words together this far into the night and this close to the next day isn’t ideal. Words come from a wearier place at this hour, but moments weren’t carved out until now so Mama will take it.

I had grand plans that didn’t end up hitting the ground, and I had unexpected joys I didn’t see coming, and it all ended up being good and worthy of a fall break. There were books I wanted to begin, and poems I wanted to peruse, and a few posts I wanted to punch out, and a whole lot of sleep I was going to catch. But at the end of break here I’ve hardly cracked a book, read only a poem or two, am just now writing, and am exhausted.

Such is life in the throws of this season I suppose, this season of engagement, guidance, pouring out, and pushing onward.

While the hours were still well spent, I am determined to learn how to “break” better.

Nevertheless we had a full seven days that were all good and needed in one way or another. Closets were cleaned out, drawers were organized, clothes were cleaned, rooms were tidied. A quick little road trip to the city was made as well, and it nourished our need for what a metropolis brings. I remembered myself while we were there and I feel grateful.

Shall we get back to blitzing October with blog offerings now?

I’m ready and happy about it.

We’re switching gears this week. I’d like to start a simple little series called….

“As For Right Now”.

You’ll see what I mean as we get rolling in a new way tomorrow. I pray that this bunch of posts will encourage you to trust, surround you with camaraderie, and root your faith.

I plan to see you tomorrow eve, friends.

Love to all.

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