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I’ve been at a conference and I’ve been cut wide open, and how do you go back to normal life when you’re all in slits like this?

How do you carry it all and apply it all and transfer it all and change it all the way you want to?

As I do it I’ll find out.

I’m trusting the things that were supposed to stick, have. That I’ll remember the things that roused me the most. That I’ll be able to lay all that I learned over my life like a warm cloak. That it will produce positive change and blessing. Do it with me, God.

As things got back in the swing today, and real life smacked me in the face forward and back, I was able to cut loose for a walk and wander to wonder. It was a helpful jaunt that allowed me to order my thoughts and settle some heart things.

I also got to watch little bits of summer hang on for one last hurrah. I took pictures of the lingering that nature’s been doing lately. The weather has been warmer than usual, the sun has been shining strong and glorious, flowers are still trying to bloom their beauty, and some of the leaves have yet to change.

Autumn and then winter…they’re on their way.

But as for right now…

We enjoy the summery things that have decided to endure. They’ll be whisked away in the coming months, so for this week we relish them.

This reminds me that seasons sometimes remain a little longer than we ever expect them to. Maybe it’s a season of singleness, or sickness, or infertility, or a hard job, or an artist’s striving, or a financial pinch, or an addiction, or a difficult relationship, or a house that won’t sell, or a kid that won’t come home, or pounds that can’t seem to be lost, or an invitation that won’t come, or breakthrough that won’t break through, or grief that won’t go, or a joy that can’t be found.

Maybe you thought this current season would have been behind you by now, that you’d be reveling in the lessons learned from it and celebrating your freedom by today. That you’d be teaching others how to persevere through those same problems and sharing your story of victory.

But you’re not. And the gruel of the wait is getting to fever pitch.

I get it in more ways than one.

So as for right now, let’s do this:

Let’s ask God what He wants us to know about it.

Praying isn’t just listing, it’s listening.

We speak and so does He.

Yes, still. 

I’ll be doing it with you. We’ll write down what we sense and see and hear Him saying. We’ll revisit it. We’ll keep praying over it. We’ll learn. We’ll squeeze out every ounce of growing we can get from it. And all the while we may never understand why things have been prolonged, but hearing His voice in the waiting will be WORTH IT.

Yes Lord, amen.

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  1. Kyla Hounshell

    Simple, yet so good!

  2. Kate

    Thank you so much! 🙂

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