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A few weeks ago I got stuck in a traffic jam. It was of the small town sort so it wasn’t much of an event, but a wreck had caused a slow down and a back up.

I was overwhelmed by the graciousness of the people around me on the road – letting each other in, making allowances for blocked vehicles, concern for those involved, cordial waves and gestures. There was just a sweet brand of humanity about the whole thing. As I recounted this to my husband later in the day I said, “People are just so kind, aren’t they?”

And I meant it.

But then this time last week I found myself deeply hurt by the actions of another. The only words I could utter to my husband about it were, “People suck.” I said it in a teary whisper because that’s all I could muster.

And I meant it.

Ministry, life, relationships, experience, hardships – they teach us that it’s all a mix. Especially people. Humans are capable of being both kind and ruthless – even me. I just know it at a deeper level now after being in ministry for several years.

And here we are finding ourselves at a time in faith history that is proving to be a very telling, revealing, and exposing moment for the big C Church.

Tides are turning and they’re meant to.

The ultra-conservative flavor of Christianity that uses scripture outside of its culture and context, that clamps the very real callings on women’s lives to lead, that bars the Holy Spirit who makes ministry on earth productive and possible, that has taught so many of us about the written word but that has refused to live by it in spoken word and actual deed – is on its way out so that truth can reign, and God can move, and His fullness can be enjoyed, and people can be free.

This is evidenced by Mr. MacAurthur’s recent comments to Ms. Moore.

His “Go home!” command is tearing his own house down.

It is revealing a tree that after all these years has started to produce a bitter, rotten fruit. Anyone who gets full on that kind of produce will end up ill and starving. That orchard is in flames because of it, and while I pray good fruit comes forth from it again (anything can be redeemed!), the twisted and diseased portion had to be revealed as revolting. God help us all.

Last week’s wound and this weekend’s revealing word had me reeling.


As for right now?

As for right now we cup our hands over our foreheads and we peer into what we see coming because of what it happening in the present. We stand in the now, and we turn to face the future with an expectant hope and vivacity that things are about to get real.

In all sorts of ways and all over the place!

Knowing about God will turn into experientially knowing Him and this is thrilling, really.

His love is going to go from our heads, to our hearts, to the pavement.

Our eyes will see more of what He’s doing, and our ears will hear more of what God’s saying – which means our mouths will be saying what He has said and there is nothing else better to say.

I’m here for it today.

As for right now? Let’s move onward.

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  1. Connie Fulmer, DC

    Thank you, Katie, for serving our church and community with Derek. I have had the great privilege and opportunity to study many of Beth Moore’s Bible studies over the years–since her first printed one hit the shelves about 20+ years ago. My walk with God began to blossom as a result of studying “A Woman’s Heart, God’s Dwelling Place.” Be encouraged. God has given you a voice, too, through writing.

  2. Kate

    She is such a blessing to so many, and her faith is genuine, authentic, and contagious. She has produced soooooo much fruit, and still is! Thank you for reading and sharing and encouraging! 🙂

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