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How is it that the believers are supposed to believe at a time like this? How are the ones who call Christ their Creator to think about love, and ponder the present, and approach life? How is the family of faith to flow into the switching of a decade?

Oh, it will look all sorts of ways, with all of the different God-images we project. But rest assured friends, each of us will throw gold.

A Savior in our hearts and a Spirit in our souls ensures some things. It ensures that we are able to project what is precious, send forth what is eternal, and call out what is pure and holy and good. It enables us to…



and understand…


Those who sail by the Light will not have hearts that grow dull, or ears that hardly hear, or eyes shut to grandeur. No, those who right their ship by the Beacon will have hearts that beat wild and lively for the things of God. They will have ears that lean in to listen for what’s sparking life. They will have eyes that are sharp and clear and looking for what’s lovely around here.

Those who love God will release gold.

And they’ll be moved to action and drawn to prayer over the things and people they understand, hear, and see that aren’t yielded or gilded yet.

20/20. It means clarity and sharpness in vision.

Matthew 13:15. It mentions a dullness of heart.

Dull or defined?

Clear or cloudy?

Dim or lit?

Those walking in the way of Christ and His Spirit this coming year will have an acute understanding, a keen ear, a fixed eye for how to rise up and redeem the world. And His countenance will shine upon us, and healing will ensue, and faith will mound up and move rock hard hearts and houses.

Thank you, Jesus.

I just slipped on my pair of glasses to finish up this holiday post here. I’m known for losing my spectacles, so often times I read and write without them. But when they’ve been found and I’ve slipped them on my face, the words lose their blurriness, and the lines polish, and the strain and squint of my forehead releases.

That 20/20 sharp clarity returns when my glasses are perched on my face.

In 2020 a bright and distinguishing definition will return to the people of faith, and we’ll see what is, what’s true, what could be, what bits of heaven might want to break through on the earth – if we allow the Spirit reign and access.

May we all have inspired eyes, ears, and hearts to experience it all.

Blessings on your new year, friends.

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