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We’re sitting here on the early fringes of Fall.

There’s a scarecrow, a large potted mum, and an assortment of pumpkins lining our walk and front porch. It’s still quite toasty down in these Texas parts, but there’s been a deviation in our longings this week.

Feeling the itch for a shift, we are welcoming all things Autumn at our house.

A cooler draft is probably the thing we are wanting the most at this point.

Yesterday, on our daily walk with the baby love, my youngest rode instead of walked. He is my wild one, my kamikaze kid who darts and risks and flies when ever able. I had been letting him zoom fast ahead as long as he would stop and wait on us every ten yards or so. After one such dash, he stopped and stalled until we got right up on him. He turned, all rosy faced and happy, and said…

“Mommy, when I go fast I feel the wind on my face real good!”

He smiled with his whole body before taking off to feel the air rush again.

As I trailed behind him I thought about how different it is to feel something, to find some joy, to happen upon a fresh sensation all your own, rather than merely being told about it by someone else.

I imagined trying to describe to him the cool race of wind on skin..

the faster you go the fiercer you feel it…

how the breeze drops a few degrees when you hit it quickly.

And the description might have encouraged him to go find out what it feels like himself. It might have brought a grin to his sweet mouth.

But to never be forewarned of the feeling, for his face to find the breeze all on its own – there’s no spoiling or expectation in that, only young elation and happiness.

It blessed me, as his Mom, to see his senses firing, to hear him proclaim the glee of a new fresh feeling.

I hope our Fall is full of likewise occasions.

I hope that for yours, too.

Lord! May we always glory in the new, the good, and the glorious.


Click here, to see what we’re up to these days! Happy Fall, Y’all! 🙂






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  1. Jan Thompson

    Loving today’s words and longing to see you all soon.~♡~

  2. Kate

    Yes! I’ll let ya know when we are up your way! Love you! Thanks for reading!

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